Old car, time to hang it up?

I have an old 93 Infiniti Q45 with 147,000 miles. The fuel injectors need replaced and I bottomed out in a chuck hole so the oil pan has been damaged. It backfires a lot and has no power. During the last year I had to fix the power windows and locks (my fault- let my grandson play in the car and push all the door and window buttons)Any idea what these repairs would cost and would it be worth it to fix- there must be a list in the universe telling what will go wrong next. Car has been a great car - hate starting up big payments again suggestions?

As long as the body is sound and there little to no rust I would fix it.

Bring it to a good shop and get an estimate of what it will take to put it back in decent condition, then compare the repair cost to the replacement cost of the vehicle. Replace it if/when the repair cost exceeds the replacement value.

Why do the fuel injectors need to be replaced? I’d be very suspicious of this diagnosis. Pushing the power lock and window buttons shouldn’t have caused them to malfunction. Blow a fuse, maybe, but that’s all. Another suspicious diagnosis, IMHO.

I’m with Loafer and Craig: if it meets your needs and is otherwise in good condition, fix it and keep it.

Well, backfiring and no power could be symptoms of leaky injectors, so maybe that’s a good diagnosis, though there are some other things that might be causing that. Assuming you have a good trustworthy shop I’d fix it. It will be way cheaper than replacing it.

Nissan seems to have weak power window regulators, at least in the early 90s. I know the windows in Maximas tended to have troubles in those years, and the Infiniti parts probably came out of the same bin. It’s a nuisance, but not very expensive to fix. Stuff does wear out or break in 15 year old cars, but your’s does not sound like serious problems and I’d expect another 100,000 miles out of that car if the body and interior are in good shape.

Get at least three estimates for the work and then see what you can buy for the price. I’ll be that if you bought another Q-ship or similar car it would have to be over 10-years old to equal the repair cost. And how can you be sure it was as well taken care of as your car?