Opinions on infiniti g37?

would a 2012 or newer awd infiniti g37 with around 100k miles be a reliable car? do they have a lot of problems and are they expensive to fix?

also, would an older model with around 100k miles be a good choice? just trying to find something that’ll last me four or five years

How would anyone know without having a mechanic look at the thing . It is 7 years old so it will be just fine or not.

Great looking cars. They’re going to be on the expensive side to fix, though nothing like, say, a BMW. They’re decently reliable, though Honda and Toyota will beat them. in that category.

The biggest issue is that a car with 100,000 miles on it is a car that’s been taken care of, or not, by its previous owner for 100,000 miles. If the previous owner took good care of it, it’ll probably be pretty reliable. If they didn’t, it’s anyone’s guess. Always get a pre-purchase inspection from an independent mechanic. The $100 or so you’ll spend on that could save you thousands down the road.

Visit your local library, find a copy of Consumer Reports Used Car Guide and see what it has to say about its plusses and minuses, based on the opinions of owners of the same car. That’s where to start.

I know next to nothing about them, Infinity is a pretty uncommon brand on the road in these parts, but as a luxury vehicle it probably has a lot of bells and whistles, automatic this, automatic that, and those kinds of functions often have more reliability problems as they age than the basic stuff like the body integrity & drivetrain. It’s also the case that you frequently have to repair that stuff when it breaks b/c there’s no effective work-a-round available. Given all that, I’d be disinclined to purchase an older luxury vehicle myself. But if you have the resources to fix the stuff as it breaks, not overly concerned about the car being off the road during the repair process, could make for a nice ride. And much more reasonably priced that a new one.

It’s a used car. No one on the planet can tell you whether or not any used car is going to be reliable.

friend is going to trade in an 2012 in the next month or so. 80k miles. south of cincinnati. real nice car. has had no issues with it.