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Strange sound from tire well

Hi everyone! I hit a pothole today (a deep one) and my car started making a strange sound that can best be described like ripping velcro or drumming your fingers on a hard plastic drum.

My boss (new job in a new city) said that I had better get it looked at and he gave me the name of his contact at the Tire Discounters down the street. They said that my “control arms” and tie rod needed to be replaced. The car has about 98,000 miles on it and I bought it in March of last year. They said that they were probably going but the pothole was the last straw.

They quoted me ~$850. My question is two-fold: a) Does $850 sound reasonable for this type of repair? ($196 per arm $162 per arm in labor then the tie rod is $68 for parts and $45 labor and 80 for alignment and I got a $136 discount from my job) and b) does this repair sound legit?


Sadly, it all sounds legit. Life is getting expensive these days.

You might try contacting the city or whoever owns the road. You may get reimbursed for their poor road repairs. It doesn’t hurt to ask.