Accident now What?

I recently got in an accident
Front hit snow bank. Front bumper is wrecked plastic bleh. I had a mobile mechanic come look at it and he said nothing is damaged on the front end except the obvious bumper.

Right side rear wheel got hit on a concrete median. So I knew there’s good damage there.
He jacked it and took the tire off.
Lower control arm bent and struts bent.
I got the struts bought months back bec I was planning on getting it replaced come spring.
But no control arm. I looked at how much it would cost me if I bought it locally $90 for one control arm. If I were to buy the parts from my online source it would only be $60 per.

Well anyways if I decide to buy the parts myself online. Do you have any suggestions what other parts I should purchase that could have been possibly damaged as Well.

Or I could just take it to a shop and be at the mercy of waaay MARKED up parts.
Probably looking at $500 cost or maybe $1000?

I’m not adding the cost to replace the bumper since it’s not priority ONE right now.
I just want to get the car road safe

What should I Do?

All depends on your skill level and if you have the correct tools.
Me: I would have a professional do it so you have a parts and labor warranty.

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You don’t state if you have full coverage insurance but if you do use and just have every thing fixed. Frankly I think having a professional do it is best.


No way for us to tell you what else may have been damaged because we don’t know how fast you were going, etc. All we can say is “everything in the general area, and possibly beyond of the damaged parts may also have been damaged - inspect them, or have them inspected if you don’t know what to look for.”

BTW, the price markup on mechanic-supplied parts also gets you an installation warranty – so if the part goes bad within the warranty period the mechanic will re-install it for you. And it’s fair for mechanics to make money off of the part, because they did the work of obtaining it for you. Not all mechanics are rip-off artists.


$60.00 plus freight and if it happens to be the wrong part that you ordered a restocking fee and more freight charges is why you should not do that.

Taking a good driving course might be helpful. I am not talking a driver ed type. I mean one where you go on a track and really learn how to control a car.

As for buying parts to take to a mechanic, I know my mechanic won’t install them.

Think of it this way, how do do you think a restaurant would react if you went to a supermarket and bought your own eggs because they were cheaper and asked the restaurant to cook them for you?

Thanks everyone.
To answer a few things
I have a mechanic that I have been going to that would use parts that I have purchased. That’s why I was slowly purchasing parts before getting the work done. That’s why I already had the struts bought from months back.

My insurance only covers one way

No one else was involved in the car accident. THANK GOD.

Right now I have $1000. Beginning of the month sucks so low on cash.

Sell the car/ junk it. Could probably sell it for What? $150? $200? :unamused:
Repair it *2007 dodge caliber with 201000 Km on it.
Buy me a beater car under $1000 until I could save up for another used car purchase in a few months.

I haven’t had the chance to bring the car in to the shop coz it’s the weekend so I had a mobile home mechanic come check it for me. But the total car repair would definitely be more than $1000.

But I was also thinking if repair. I could ask the shop to fix what is NEEDED to be fixed first then get a few things fixed up every month.

Agree with that plan. Fix the stuff you NEED, worry about the cosmetic stuff later as funds allow.

As for the bent strut and control arm, maybe the wheel bearing on that corner may need replacement and maybe the hub and maybe the wheel. Jack just that corner and spin the wheel by hand. Watch for wobble, listen and feel for any roughness not caused by the brake.

Wobble with no scuff-scuff-scuff from the brake is likely a bent wheel. Wobble WITH the scuffing noise is likely wheel hub. Any roughness and growling while spinning is likely wheel bearing. If its OK for now, save a little money for a wheel bearing because they tend to fail tiny and get worse but you’ll hear a growling from that corner as you drive.

what is one way insurance?
liability only? no collision?
my 06 is worth $1k so i dont have collision. my call

@Yna_Hanson You list the vehicle mileage in KM so that means you may not be in the US . Not knowing loan rules where you are but it may be that your mechanic has an arrangement for financing the repairs he makes.

If you have a friend or relative that has a credit card with zero balance they might use it and let you make the payments . I still think letting the mechanic order parts as he needs them is best.

You might also check with an auto recycler. Can you find a control arm with the hub intact? It would be a simpler install. If someone local does not have it, they are likely to be able to search other recyclers’ inventories and give you a printout. You then contact them and arrange payment and shipping. I did this recently and rehabbed my “totalled” 1999 Civic, with a used steering knuckle/balljoint/hub for $50 shipped plus $160 to have it installed and 4-wheel alignment done by a highly-recommended local frame and alignment shop.

One way means the other party in the accident would be covered.

Honestly I put so much $$$ on this car that I don’t want to give up on it just yet.
When it’s gets warmer I could also go to junk yard and take some parts there.
That’s where I plan on picking up a replacement bumper.

I’m completely sad and annoyed about the accident because I’ve been putting new things on it every few months.
The accident was completely out of the equation. I’ve been very lucky the rest of winter season and spring was about to show up then surprise last heavy snow fall I slid…

I’ve been watching videos of replacing control arm and struts and it’s seems to be straightforward to me.
I could definitely get some practice at the junkyard taking the part off if I decided to do it myself.

Thanks everyone for the input I definitely have alot of thinking to do

Are you in Canada?

Do they have safety inspections there?

If so, how much time, until the car is due for inspection?

If money is very tight, I suggest you buy a chilton or haynes service manual, and read up on replacing those parts yourself.

Those struts you bought . . . I certainly hope you bought a pre-assembled complete unit, meaning the strut, coil and mount are already put together,eliminating the need for you to compress the spring

I have never heard anyone describe liability insurance that way.