Post Thanksgiving True Story

I thought you might like to hear about my latest Senior Goofy Lady exploit.

Last week, I made homemade turkey veggie soup. When I took it off the front burner and put it on the large back burner to place it in containers to freeze, I fear I did something mysterious. While ladling the soup, I think I inadvertently knocked the knob off my clock and it fell into the soup. I didn’t notice it while I was ladling, but it is such a huge pot and large ladle, it could have slipped through. I took apart the top of the stove (a good excuse to clean the burners, too) and dug around underneath. No knob!

I sent some soup home with my son Dave this week and told him what I feared may have happened. He texted so far so good, and it reminded him of Cracker Jax (with their hidden prize). So from now on, we refer to my homemade soup as “Cracker Jax soup. – you never know what you will find in it.” The maintenance man found me another knob, even though I use it only twice a year for Daylight Savings adjustments. It gave him and the manager a good laugh and me another senior moment episode!

Mary Pucci

The Omaha Soup Nazi