Hanna's Practical Joke

I like the idea of Hanna getting a henna tattoo. But it seemed to me that the obvious prank would be for her to get one of those compressed-air horns and use it at an appropriate time with the old man. Like when he just starts to take a whiz, or has just settled in for some TV or a nap. Or heading onto the freeway. OK, that one might be dangerous… but I say fight honk with honk!

I’d love to hear Hannah on Stump the Chumps. I want to know which harebrained jokes she played on her Dad and how he took them. This kid is awesome!

I agree with Cajeanne. I would like to know what prank this smart, articulate young lady played on her Dad, and if he can take a joke as well as play one!

Get her on stump the chumps!