Possible transmisson problems

I have a 2014 Ford Focus and I have a couple of issues one issue is after adding gas to the car the car will crank but the car will then shut off. I have to do this at least 3 times before the car stays running. The second problem is the gas gauge keeps going up and down not knowing if the car needs gas or not so I put in $10 every day to make sure. and the last thing is when I’m changing gears are shifting say I’m getting off an exit or coming to the stop light the car will then shut off as well. I’m not quite sure what’s going on I heard they may have been a recall on the transmission for these cars but I’m not sure if these are transmission problems unfortunately I don’t know much about cars so I am reaching out for some help it’s possible thanks.

These don’t sound like transmission problems, especially the fuel gauge.

If you are wondering about recalls, go here;

Type in your cars VIN number and the site will tell you about recalls.

Technical Service Bulletins for the '14 Focus, including a few transmission TSBs, are here;


This might be a time I’d recommend visiting a Ford dealer with your problem. It may be covered by Ford at no cost to you except a diagnostic fee.