Car cutting off after gas

I have a 2014 Ford Focus and I have a couple of issues one issue is after adding gas to the car the car will crank but the car will then shut off. I have to do this at least 3 times before the car stays running. The second problem is the gas gauge keeps going up and down not knowing if the car needs gas or not so I put in $10 every day to make sure. and the last thing is when I’m changing gears are shifting say I’m getting off an exit or coming to the stop light the car will then shut off as well. I’m not quite sure what’s going on I heard they may have been a recall on the transmission for these cars but I’m not sure if these are transmission problems unfortunately I don’t know much about cars so I am reaching out for some help it’s possible thanks.

Transmission complaints on these cars are numerous.Hope you took the extended warranty.

How far do you drive in a given day? Are you continuing to pump gas after the pump automatically shuts off in order to arrive at the $10 figure?

Does the check engine light come on? If so, take it to an auto parts store and ask them to read the codes for you.

Is the check engine light one? Have you checked for diagnostic codes?

The hard-to-start after refilling might be a problem in the evap system. When you fill-up the tank the fumes are supposed to go into the evap canister and be held there until the engine is started again. If the fumes go right into the engine, bypassing the canister, during the fill-up, that is the symptom. The mixture is much too rich for it to start until you’ve cranked it enough to get rid of all that extra gas.

The fuel gauge problem is probably unrelated, a separate problem. Either the gauge itself, or the sender unit.

For the third problem, stalling at freeway exits, first you have to tell us what type of transmission your have, manual or automatic?

The check engine light goes off and on. I have not checked the diagnostic codes. I have a manual transmission. I think thats how you answer that…lol lol meaning i don’t have a five a speed.

Thirty years ago if you had a 5-speed transmission it must be a manual transmission, not so today. Your vehicle was available with a six speed automatic a five speed or six speed manual transmission. If you operate a clutch with your left leg you have a five or six speed manual transmission.

Oh ok…there isn’t a clutch. Just two pedals brake and gas.

Ok, you have an automatic transmission. If you post the diagnostic codes here you’ll probably get some more specific ideas what’s wrong.

Ok…the check engine light is off right now but it will come back on as it always do

Whenever it turns on, it usually stores a diagnostic code. That code will stay in memory for a while even if the light turns off again. As long as the battery remains connected.

Im not a mechanic or very mechanically knowledgeable but other than the starting issue only being after fueling and your vehicle being a standard it sounds a lot like the issue I had with my Nissan Altima. I’m not sure what the variances are between makes and models either. However my issue was the crank shaft sensor and it wasn’t an easy diagnosis so I tried other things first, such as oxygen sensors, fuel filter, tested the fuel pump, etc… Replaced my crank shaft sensor and boom problem solved, no more hard start (sometimes no start, or drained battery while attempting start, especially in the winter months it basically stayed parked in winter), no more stalling at stop signs or when slowing down period. If this sounds familiar to your experiences I think you should at least look into the possibility of it. Hope this helps

Crankshaft sensor problem are indeed often difficult to diagnose. But the OP says the problem only occurs after re-fueling. Could be wrong, but doesn’t sound like a crank sensor problem to me.

Maybe the heat soak is enough to cause this intermittent electrical malfunction. A shorter wait, or a longer one could prevent it (not enough time to heat it up too much, or long enough time to heat it up and let it cool down.) Refilling time is in the sweet spot - or trouble spot.