2007 Ford Focus Trans Not Shifting in Drive

Hello all,

I purchased my Focus brand new in late 2007. Within a year or so of owning it I noticed that sometimes, in drive, when I would get up to about 40mph the engine would rev for a second or so, before shifting into the next gear, sort of hesitating. I mentioned this on the next scheduled maintenance visit, the mechanic took a look and said he couldn’t find a problem so it was probably just an anomaly. It has happened ever since about a few (less than ten) times a year. Every time I went in for one of those mandatory visits I would mention it and get the same answer.

Fast forward to last Thursday. Got it up to 40mph, and it started revving again. Did what I normally do, which is take my foot off the pedal for a few seconds, and try again. This time, it didn’t ever shift up. I’m not a car person, but it was like it was caught in neutral. I had to slow down, get it to shift down, then keep my speed below 35. It refused to shift above 40. Checked transmission fluid, was a little low so I topped it off, but no change. Drove home in 2 with no problems. Wish I had an RPM meter so I could be a little more specific but my car conspicuously was not equipped with one…

SO. Still being under warranty, I brought it to the dealership. Two days have gone by and they can’t find whats wrong with it. Not like I need a car or anything. They won’t give me a loaner until they find the problem; depending on the part that needs to be replaced they can or cannot supply me with a loaner for free. Anyone have any ideas?

Are you saying that its at the dealership, not working properly, but that they can’t find out why?

Or are you saying its at the dealership and they can’t replicate the problem because it is currently driving normally?

See what you can tell people about the dealership has actually done. Was it scanned for error codes? What it put on scanning equipment to check out the specifics of transmission function? Have non-transmission things been checked out, like the throttle position sensor or the MAF sensor?

Has your check engine light or any other warning-type lights come on during this period.

We’ve got nothing solid to go on here.


Towed it to the dealership because the problem wasn’t reverting back to normal, like it would in the past.

The only warning that came on was that after a minute or so of revving the “O/D off” light popped on.

Will call the dealership to find out what they did. Thanks.

Ok - so is it currently working again or still having problems?

The O/G light means that the computer has error codes stored in it. When you talk to them ask them for the error codes. Don’t accept only and interpretation of the codes. Get the exact and specific ones. They should look something like “P1234”