Possible to find ALL episodes to buy or download?

Hi All- Latecomer to the show (not until 2010) and newcomer to the community, but hoping there’s some current options for how I could obtain EVERY show???
I know- a bit much, and the easy answer is to download them from streaming services, but….hundreds and hundreds, and only so many hours in life, so maybe hoping someone will chime in with some miracle like “I’ve got them all on a drive!”
I can live with an incomplete collection, sure- I’ve already downloaded dozens but would love to get ahold of a one-stop collection to peruse. I do this now through the NPR site but they have their own holes of missing episodes I think….
Any ideas? Thanks all- I realize I probably miss the show more than most but you can’t deny the joy these shows bring, regardless of age.

That’s about all you can do any more.
And they are copyright protected, so anyone that shared their collection with you risks getting in trouble.

Most of the podcasts and streaming services only have the 4 or 5 most recent shows.

iTunes has a bunch, but they charge 99 cents an episode.

I also emailed the higher powers that be on this site too in case they had something to recommend. I suppose it may just be buying what you can while you can- I’m not a fan of the new edited mini-episodes being posted…makes me think they’re phasing the catalog out.

I quite like these new, shorter but twice as frequent shows myself. Being from the early 90’s, with callers querying about models ranging from the 60’s to the 90’s, matches my own cars nicely. Not sure why the entire episodes aren’t used. Maybe there are rights for broadcasting needed, and in some cases the folks who’s signatures are needed can’t be found. Could also be some of the calls contain what is now politically incorrect topics and language. Culture changes over the years.

One quibble on the shorter format, I’d prefer they remain in time sync with the seasons. That would require there be two threads running in parallel, one from 1992 say, and another from 1993. The downside would be you’d have to wait one more show before hearing the answer to the puzzler.

As far as a source for the podcasts, NPR’s website seems to have the most. If there’s a market for a complete set of mp3-encoded CD’s, I expect eventually the product will appear. Sort of like the tv show Doctor Who. DVD’s of the early episodes (1963-1980’s) are one of the BBC’s big income sources now.

Used to be a bunch of episodes available through Amazon or Apple music but you’re only going to find the CD’s at the moment.

If I’m not mistaken, the new episodes are airing at their original length. The show was originally in two halves, and then later was extended by an additional segment - the third half of the show.