Possible gas leak when car is running

Hi i recently bought a 1998 Oldsmobile LSS. It has nearly a 185000 miles on it but it runs well. I took it in for tire change and the guy said that the fuel feeder line was rusted and leaking slightly; they were wet to the touch and we could smell gas near the rear wheel. It seems to leak (drip) only when the car is running since a second garage I took it to, said the lines were rusted but not really leaking.

How bad is it to drive this car for a couple of months without fixing it? Am I driving a ticking bomb?

How much would a fix like this cost including labor (approx?

Yes…a vehicle with a fuel leak is known as a rolling bomb. Stop driving the vehicle and have it towed to a good mechanic. Labor and parts vary widely from region to region so it would be better to get the estimates locally. Besides…you really don’t know the extent of the problem. It could need a small repair or a very large repair. In any event, driving this car is dangerous and it could wind up costing you your life or the lives of others.

Very bad.
It depends on how much needs to be replaced, get an estimate.