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Fuel leakage

1998 Saturn SL2, after I replaced the fuel pump, the pump-in gas hose started leaking. I have replaced this hose 3 times and it still leaks, especially when you stop and keep the car running. After about 10 minutes, the fuel starts shooting out just below the fuel intake hole. What is wrong? What should I do to correct this? Please Help!

What is wrong is that you keep doing something wrong. Without actually being able to inspect I doubt anyone will be able to tell you what it is. About the only thing I can say is that if you replaced the hose 3 times with no change then you’re looking in the wrong place. Are you working with a manual? Do you know where all gaskets/seals/o-rings belong?

Mostly, since continuing like this is dangerous I really think that you should just have it towed to a shop.

I don’t mean to sound rude, but it’s time to stop trying and have the car TOWED to a repair shop, 'fess up, and let them fix it. I can’t emphasize enough the part about having it towed and not driving it in this condition. A fuel leak is an incredibly dangerous thing. If the person in front of you tosses a cigarette butt out the window of his car, it could cause your car to burst into flames and/or explode, injuring or killing you, any occupants in your vehicle, and possibly anyone else nearby. If that happens, and you survive, and the authorities find out you knew your car was leaking fuel, you could also face some serious criminal charges and be held liable for all damages to personal and public property, and be on the hook for medical bills and lawsuits from people affected by the incident. Stop fiddling around with this and have a pro fix it properly before it ruins or prematurely ends your life. A fuel leak is more of a life-threatening emergency than a nuisance, so stop treating it as a nuisance and start seeing it for what it is.