Car ignorant student wondering about fuel leaks

So I have a rusty 1990 accord in Seattle that I would like to drive home to LA but I recently found out that one of my back fuel lines is rusted and leaking. I occasionally smell gas while driving in my car but not all the time. not having my car to drive back in would be a huge hassle in terms of moving my stuff back home. This may seem like a really silly question but how awful is driving long distances with a leaky fuel line? Is there just a risk of breaking down or is it dangerous.

Exposed fuel is a real risk to say the least. Have a shop repair the bad section of line. It shouldn’t cost too much. If something did happen because it wasn’t fixed it will seem really cheap then.

Not only could you be stranded along the road, leaking gasoline is a fire hazard. Your car is a rolling Molotov Cocktail. I suggest you have the leaking fuel line repaired or replaced ASAP.

It’s very dangerous. When it’s parked, one of those idiot smokers who thinks the world is their personal ashtray could easily send your car up in flames.

It’s dangerous.
Since the line is probably 8 MM or 10 MM in size (roughly equivalent to 5/16" or 3/8" respectively) simply cut out the leaking spot and replace it with a short length of fuel injection hose which can be purchased by the foot.

Make sure that it overlaps at least an inch on each end and use a pair of small hose clamps on it.
If you do this make SURE that you use fuel injection hose and not the regular low pressure gasoline or vacuum hose type. The latter will not last but the injection hose should outlast the car.

It’s cheap and easy.

Do as they said. Also have the mechanic check your brake lines while he’s fixing the gas line. Brakes going out can be just about as bad…

As long as you don’t mind burning to death when the car explodes into flames, you can keep driving the car in its current condition.

Gasoline fumes are extremely volatile (combustable) and if they do so the combustion could easily follow the fumes right into your gas tank. It’s a huge Kaboom, with a resulting inferno, looking for a place to happen.

See OK4450’s post for a good cheap fix. Just be sure you use hose that will be impervious to gas, as he suggested, and don’t try using whatever you have lying around.

I suggest that if you decide to go this route that you make a NASCAR connection. That is, two clamps at each end of the hose.


What I usually try to do is take the metal line loose, split it, and then sleeve the hose over the metal line without allowing much of a gap in the metal line split. Even without clamps it won’t blow off after being reinstalled.

I recently purchased some hose at O’Reillys (a bit pricy at about 10 bucks a foot but that stuff is indestructible. Wire cutters, tin snips, sharp knife; nothing would phase it. Finally had to use a hacksaw with a fine tooth blade.

OP, if you do this yourself I would advise using a tubing cutter to split the metal fuel line. A hacksaw will leave metal shavings in the line and if the leak is between the filter and fuel injectors that could cause a problem

If you value yourself, your stuff and car have it addressed ASAP.

It is quite serious.