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Gasoline leak


I have a 1988 Audi 90 manuel. Car runs great however I now have a gasoline leak. The car’s interior smells of gasoline and the fuel leaks at a pretty fast clip. Is it worth repairing and if so is it an expensive job?

It all depends on what is leaking. Probably a rust hole leak in the hard line or cracked rubber in a flex line. Fuel injection keeps the fuel pressure up to 40 psi between the engine and fuel tank, so to drive this car is a MAJOR FIRE HAZARD. DO NOT DRIVE THIS CAR ANYMORE UNTIL THE LEAK IS FIXED.

Is this an expensove job? Thanks.

Evan, It Depends …

How much is the car worth?
How much is “expensive”?

Sometimes a bad fuel leak can be caused by a minor problem. A pressurized fuel line will lose fuel at a fast clip. A rusted or cracked fuel line or fuel filter can do it. These are usually not expensive to fix. However, leaking fuel tanks, fuel pumps, etcetera, can be very costly repairs.

The good news: Because the leak is substantial, it should be easy for a mechanic to locate.

The bad news: This car is dangerous and should not be driven until the leak is fixed!

Get it to a mechanic. Fix it or park it.

And, it all depends on what is leaking and why. A rotten flex line could be fixed for $20. A rotten hard line may cost $200.

It could be a simple clip holding a fuel hose and cost very little fix or something major like a tank.

The only place you should drive this is to a mechanic to have it checked out, by yourself with no kids or other passengers inside, seriously.