Popping the hod


I have an Audi A4 quattro, the batter recently died and now I can’t get the hood to open. I’ve gone through the manuel but and it has no info on how to get it open. Please help.

I know nothing about the Audi A4 (nor care to) but I can’t believe a simple google search for opening hood, raising hood, releasing hood mechanism etc along with your make/model doesn’t turn up something. While this is a technical website, I"m betting most who would reply to your post will do the exact same thing.

Please read your owner’s manual again. I can’t believe a GERMAN car manufacturere does not at least have a PICTURE of the dash and what all those knobs are for. Once you find the knob, there may not be instructions on how to pull it. But just pull it anyway. Then there will be a safety catch that you will be able to locate just by feeling under the hood.

Is there a tag on the hood that says “Do Not Open. No User Serviceable Parts Inside?” If not, the car has a hood release. A friend of mine owned a 1997 Cadillac and we needed to open the hood. I had to search quite a while to find the safety catch on the outside, but I did find it.

Have you found the hood realease and it just won’t open or can you not find the realease?

If you are pulling on the hood release and the hood won’t open, have someone press down on the hood briefly while you are pulling on the release. If you get it open, use a spray lubricant on the cable and release mechanism and keep pulling the release to free everything before you close the hood.

Try this solution from fixya:   http://www.fixya.com/cars/t2223945-broken_hood_release_cable_need

Figured it out. The primary level was hidden and the secondary lever also hidden. Thanks for all the suggestions.

How long have you had this car without opening the hood?? I usually check under the hood at least twice a year!!!

Twice a year? I check twice a month, every full tank of gas. The reservoirs are all translucent plastic, so I only need to check the dipsticks for oil and transmission.

bustedknuckles, I was joking about the “twice a year” check!! I still wonder how long OP has been driving this car.