Stuck Hood

I have a 2000 Chrysler Concorde. When pulled, the hood release handle stayed in the open position, and the hood did not open. I have pulled more on the cable with a pair of pliers and still the hood wont open. How can I ge this hood open?

There should be a manual release, you can look from under the car to try and see it.

No access to the area from the bottom… I don’t know what chrysler was thinking… I can pry the hood up about 3/4" and see the latch, but I can’t do anything with it…

I did not mean access to it but to see where the bar you either need to push or pull is located.

The entire bottom of this area has a piece of sheet metal covering the openings. It has no way to be removed from under the car. You cannot get to the area where the latch is at all…

Web support
"If you will look up from under the car, from just behind the “bumper” panel which is now called the fascia, you will see an arm-like lever that is pointed toward the front of the car, exactly where the latch mechanism is located. If you pull on that arm (what they call a “pawl”) it will release the hood latch."

Stolen from Chrysler repair website

I removed a plastic facia under the radiator. However there was no “pawl”. I used a long piece of flat metal and pushed on the cable end. The hood popped right open! The keeper on the end of the cabel at the hood latch was worn out…

Congratulations! You made up your mind to open the dang hood and succeeded. Bravo!