Broken hood release cables


How can I open the hood of my 1991 Audi Coupe Quattro when the hood release cable is apparently broken?

I removed the front grill, but could not see where the release latch was located.

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[b]Each automaker has a procedure that allows opening of the hood in the event the cable should break.

For example on a Ford Contour, there’s a small slot at the top of the grill that a flat blade screwdriver is inserted in order to pop the hood latch. So look closely in the grill area to see if there’s a feature that seems to allow access to the hood latch.

If you’re unable to locate any such feature, call the dealers service department and ask if they can tell you how to get the hood open. If they’re not willing to provide this information, then you can get this information yourself. Most library’s have free access to the ALLDATA database. If you get on this site, it will provide the information on how to get the hood open.