Gotta get to it to fix it?


My neighbors ‘99’ Dodge Carravans cable for opening the hood is jammed something of the latch mechinism broke so the cable doesent release the hood how then does someone make it posibale to open the hood to fix it?


These are always tough to open when the release cable breaks.

You said something in the release mechanism broke?

So when you pull the release handle inside the van the cable is STILL attached?

You can try reaching up behind the rad (if the fan shroud doesn’t prevent you) to work the catch.

Have a helper push down on the hood at the same time you release the catch to make things a little easier.

Some of these are a real bear to reach.

I tried reaching my 2000 Silhouettes’ release catch and found I couldn’t, so I added another release cable to the existing release lever.

So now if the hood release cable breaks from the inside, I will still be able to open the hood.

I’m aware of the fact that if the lever breaks and not the cable, I’ll still have a problem. ( will have to think that one over more)

Keep the release mechanism very well lubricated. Also check your release cable end for fraying.


I believe the mechinism broke because the cable does not come out it is just lose and comes to a hard stop. I looked from underneth and it is pretty compact and secure I was hoping there was a access hole or something like some cars have but the latch is up inside the hood. time to re-think that design for the poor consumer hu.


Take a look under your van, near the front. Look for the hood latch, and there should be a wire cable running out from it. Follow the cable until it’s within reach (hopefully it doesn’t wind it’s way through too many other things.) Take some pliers or vice grips, and pull on the wire, which should open the hood.

To be able to open it easily from now on, just twist a piece of decently strong wire onto the wire hood release cable, and thread it out through the grill, leaving a 1-2" loop at the end to pull on. Then, anytime you need access to the hood, you just pull onj this wire. Had the same problem on an 88 Dodge Ram Campwagon, and the wire on the release cable worked perfectly. Actually, I think it maybe even worked better than the under-dash hood release ever did.


Tester answered an almost identical question on another thread where he said the dealer has a method of access under the edge of the hood using a flat screwdriver. (this was a Dodge product though)

Look for a small opening in front of the latch.

If you don’t locate an access, call the service dept. and keep your fingers crossed when asking for instructions.


I don’t know about this model but I have opened a number of broken cable hoods by either removing the grille work and going in that way or by using a flashlight and one of those heavy duty, 3 foot long screwdrivers to operate the latch while someone attempts to raise the hood.