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POP and loud noises


I have a 2002 Mazda tribute, and I was driving down the road yesterday when I heard a loud pop. After, the check engine light started blinking, the lights and electricity started struggling, and I hear a loud thwack thwack thwack sound when I step on the gas. This sound gets louder and faster the more I hit the gas. When I checked under the hood, the serpentine belt looks fine, and there is no visible damages but when the car is running it sounds like I have no exhaust system it is so loud.

Does anyone know what could have happened and where I should start working? Family and friends have thrown out a few things but I do not want to start taking things apart if If they are not the problem.

Thanks in advance…

A flashing CEL indicates a misfire condition that can lead to engine damage that could be very expensive to fix. Are you are up to the challenge of diagnosing and fixing the car yourself?

I ask that question because I’m not sure if you are aware that this car should not be driven, and needs proper diagnosis and repair if engine damage is to be avoided. If you do have very good mechanical skills, I would suggest that you buy a code scanner in order to help lead you to the cause of the misfire. Once you obtain the trouble codes that have been stored, then you should come back to this thread in order to post them for more specific advice.

It’s impossible to tell from this description. But I wouldn;t start it again until I had it diagnosed. You could have a busted valve stem and be beating the beJesus out of your cylinder. Whatever the cause, that blinking Check Engine Light is telling you that the problem will cause more damage and costs will escalate if you continue to drive it.

My guess is that it either shot a spark plug out of the top of the engine (pretty easy to tell just by looking) or it could be rod knock, which would mean bad things, although that usually sounds more metallic rather than like a lack of exhaust system. I’d look at the top of your engine at each cylinder to make sure you’re not missing a plug.

After taking the intake manifold off, I was able to see an ignition coil blown out of the engine. What would have caused this to happen? I don’t want to put everything back together only to figure out a bigger problem still exists.

Your spark plug probably popped out, taking the coil with it.
Quite common on Ford engines.
You’ll have to install a thread repair kit, along with a coil and plug.
There’s not a darn thing you can do to prevent this from happening.
Don’t be surprised if this eventually happens to some of the other plugs.