Car wont start

my check engine light started blinking on my 2000 grandam se last night and it was missing bad and now it wont start waht is it.

Impossible to tell from here. The car needs its diagnostic codes read to determine what errors the car’s computer has stored. If you know someone who has an OBD 2 code reader, have them read the error codes and post them here so we can at least try to help. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll need to have it towed to your local independent mechanic (not a dealer) so they can read the codes and diagnose your problem.

A blinking Check Engine light indicates a major misfire. And a major misfire can destroy the catalytic converter.

What’s left of the catalytic converter may now be restricting the exhaust to the point where the engine can’t take in any air to start and run.


Whatever you do, do NOT drive the car to get the codes read.

A blinking CEL light is the computer telling you that there could be major damage if you run the engine. Have it towed, unless you have someone who can come to you and read the codes.


How long did you drive it with a flashing check-engine light?

just dorve it home

i had the codes read before i whent home and it said the 2nd cylender was misfiering .

I wonder if the coil failed. Without the coil, the car will not start or run.

Might be a problematic coil for number 2 cyl. Or a defective or loose high voltage wire. Sometimes to diagnose this kind of problem a mechanic will swap parts around to see if the misfire follows the part or not. Suggest you post the exact code(s).

We really need more info from you @Liz vc.

Does the engine crank, when you turn the key. What does it do???

Or do you just hear a click from under the hood, when you turn the key.

I know you said that you “Just drove home” after getting the codes read. How many miles do you think you drove, from the time the light started to flash…you got the codes read…and traveled home. A mile…ten miles…Highway driving, or slow under 40mph driving.

There should have been other codes for the light to flash. I don’t think a Cylinder misfire would trigger the CEL to flash, just stay on steady!!!


@Yosemite You might want to read this.


Interesting about the blinking CEL… didn’t know that. Two or three in the 11 years I owned my 03 Passat V6, I had that happen, always after a rain. A lot of cranking and it would barely catch, seemingly running on only a few cylinders, then after keeping it floored it would resume normal operation. The CEL light was blinking during this. Would be fine after that, light out. Changing HV wires didn’t help. Useless to try to get it diagnosed, as it occurred only once every few years.


I stand corrected @Tester. And thanks…good reading.


we have two coil pacs would i need to change both.