Check Engine light show car misfiring after repairs are done

I have a Mercury Sable 2001, and the check engine light stayed on. My mechanic changed two 02 sensors according the the scanner he has. This worked until I took it on the high way. I then took it to Straus Auto repair for a diagnostic and was told it needed new wires and plugs. I had them put in by my mechanic. Again I tested it on the high way and the check

engine light starts flasing then stop, then again starts falshing. The the car became slugish when I acelerate. I check the manual which indicates that the engine is misfiring. Also when I started it two mornings ago, while idling a foul smell came from under the engine and a popping sound which seems coming from the housing of the air filter. ANY SUGGESTION?

When light is flashing it means bad trouble, do not drive it except to repair shop

What is the exact code that turned on the CEL? A scan tool is required, and your mechanic should have one. It should be in the form of P0130. Get the code and post it here. Many auto parts stores will read the codes for free.

If it is still misfiring, the plugs and coil were not the problem. It could be a bad coil pack or bad ignition module.

The code p0306, which I understand indicates the number 6 cylinder is misfiring. I took out number 5 and 6 plugs and check. they were gapped correctly. I then put plug 5 into hole that 6 occupied. Then it read “no misfiring” operation smooth out a little. Driving while the engine is heating up I get full smooth acceleration. but after a few miles the engine start struggling on acceleration,then like a sudden burst of energy it picks up real fast. Could this be the #6 injector is clogging or bad. I recalled that on my last two full tanks of gas I added a bottle of injector cleaner to each. I feel the cleaners might have removed some sediment and need some more cleaning, is it advisable to do some more cleaning before changing it. Thanks for your response.