do you know how long the belt would be on a 2001 pontiac grand prix without the a/c compressor hooked up

If the AC is functioning normally then leave the belt hooked up. You won’t gain any appreciable fuel mileage by disconnecting the compressor. If there is a problem with the compressor then buy a drive belt for a 2001 Grand Prix without AC.

There is no '01 Grand Prix without A/C. And as far as I know there is no easy way to route a belt around the A/C.

If your compressor is siezed up, the problem is most likely the compressor clutch. This can be replaced without replacing the compressor at a much lower price. If you do not want the compressor to engage, you can turn the air conditioning off or even pull the electrical connector on the compressor clutch. However, you may find with this repair that you still have air conditioning.

What you want is an A/C Compressor Bypass Pulley, they have them at Rock Auto for $27.99.

I’m with Oldtimer on this. Thes bypass pulleys not only allow the use of an OEM belt, by maintaining the OEM routing they also ensure that sufficient tension and “wrap” exists on each pulley to properly operate the components at speed.

On both available engines for that car, the only way to bypass the air conditioning compressor is to use a bypass pulley, and this involves removing the air conditioning compressor. Neither engine (3.1L or 3.8L) has a belt routing option that will bypass the a/c compressor and work. It can’t be done.

You can install central air in your HOUSE cheaper than repairing the Pontiac, right? What a system…

Be thankful someone makes that special pulley…

It isn’t hard to remove the compressor if you never intend to fix the aie. as a matter of fact you can rempve all the air cond. junk- make the car lighter too.