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Dodge Stratus A/C Compressor Problem...?

So, the other day I smelled something horrible coming from the hood of my 2001 Stratus SE sedan. The smell and puffs of smoke were coming from around a belt on the passengers side of the engine, by the antifeeze tank.

I took the car in today, and my mechanic said that it was my a/c compressor going out. They said it would be $1,300 to replace it along with all of the internal work that would need to be done to replace it.

Is this something I NEED to have done? And, if so, immediately? Will I have problems with it even if I don’t use the a/c???

Any info on this issue will be MUCH appreciated!!! Thanks!

If the compressor pulley bearing is ok then simply disconnecting the electrical connector on the compressor clutch will disable the compressor.

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are on the road today without their air conditioning. If the AC clutch is bad just get the proper drive belt(s) for your vehicle and specify a non-AC 2001 Stratus. You might want to pull the fuse for the AC system as well. I just hope you don’t live in Arizona.

Thank you SO much for your reply. Something they told me is that, since there is only one belt that runs everything in the 2001 Stratus, if that belt breaks (caused somehow by the dying a/c/ compressor) it could take out a WHOLE lot more; then, I would be MUCH worse off than just replacing the a/c/ compressor.

Any more wisdom for me on this…? They did say something about the bearing(s), and I think it sounded like they were in trouble, too. If that’s the case, will the fix you described not work?

Thanks again!

Thank you SO much for your reply. They stated that there is only one belt that operates everything. So, what you’re saying is to get that drive belt for a non-AC Stratus and just bypass the A/C compressor? This would still cost a bit, but much less than replacing the A/C compressor, too, right?

By the way, I live in Missouri, so it will be bearable… :o)

Thanks again!

Oh! By the way, it probably wouldn’t do any good to remove the fuse BEFORE getting the non-AC drive belt, right?

You can remove the AC fuse before the belt is installed. The serpentine belt will only cost a fraction of the $1300 you were quoted. A good quality belt should run around $25. The installation cost should be about the same. What engine do you have? The timing belt is overdue if you have one. You might want to get that checked out.

Wow! Much better price option. My Stratus has the 2.4L engine with 121,000 miles on it.

If I can indulge you for one more piece of info: where could I find a non-A/C belt for my Stratus. I think A/C was standard on Stratuses for that year… Would AutoZone or O’Reilly’s have one?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There are bolt=on pulleys available for most cars to eliminate the compressor at Autozone and many other parts stores. My son-in law used one on his dodge minivan when the compressor clutch seized up after running with the fuse pulled for a couple of months.

hey buddy I have a question I just took my car to a place and they told me.that my compressor or radiator fans aren’t getting fire to them hire do I Dec this problem?

You have just dragged up a thread that has been inactive for 6 years. If you don’t believe the repair place then get a second opinion and start your own thread.

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