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2001 Taurus Compressor Clutch Seized

After 198,000 miles the air conditioning compressor clutch seized. The car was the best and most trouble free car I have ever owned. I have quotes from 2 mechanics to replace the compressor for about $1,400 which is about what the car is worth. Both mechanics say that there is no way to bypass the clutch or make the clutch free wheel. The car would make a solid back up for emergencies if there were a cheaper fix. It would make someone who needs cheap transportation a good car but the expense or the repair does not make sense. Any suggestions?

A skilled MECHANIC should be able to figure out a way to remove the failed compressor and use a shorter serpentine belt to drive the remaining pulleys. Another option would be to install a salvage yard compressor that has a good clutch and MIGHT still be able to pump Freon…

Did all 2001 Taurus’s come with A/C or was it an option? If the base model did not have it, then there is a way to remove the compressor and use a different belt…

You might check with a shop that specializes in AC repairs. I had a similar problem with my 1978 Oldsmobile 25 years ago. A couple of mechanics told me I needed a new compresor. However the AC shop replaced the clutch on the compressor. The AC worked until last year on the original compressor. There should be an electrical connection on the compressor. Disconnect this connection and see what happens. If the pulley turns, the problem is in the compressor and you don’t need to reconnect the electrical power. If the pulley doesn’t turn, the problem is in the clutch. I think it can be replaced without removing the compressor.

Good points. I may need to find a skilled mechanic to give the car to. I was told that the great majority of the repair cost was labor to remove the radiator, etc. to be able to remove and replace the compressor.
I will research if a/c was an option. Even the lowest content fleet Taurus I have seen had a/c.

I will disconnect the electrical connection tomorrow to see what happens. It would be great for a work around to be that simple.