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Pontiac torrent

I recently replaced my igintion in my pontiac torrent only to find out the key needed to be reprogrammed. Took it to the dealer and they said it was done but the car still will not start, any suggestions?

What part of the ignition did you replace? when you say it won’t start, do you mean you turn the key to “start” and nothing happens? No click, no rrr rrr rrr sound? Or does it crank ok, but won’t catch and run?

Bought a new steering column but only replaced the actual ignition where the key goes into, also replaced the wiper control and turning control. Put the key in and it turns but nothing happens, no clicking or anything.

Did they offer you an explanation as to why you need to tow your car home from the dealer? I would hope that they could diagnose the problem.

Yes they could for 450.00 just to diagnose it. Ripping me off they are. The guy who put the new ignition in thinks they did not reprogram the key correctly. Been without my car now for 5 weeks, at my wits end.

Go to a good locksmith.

That is my next step. Just wanted to see if anyone agreed or thought that could be it before i spend more money i dont have. Thanks

You could try to convince whoever programmed the key to do it again, but that may delay the process. Some locksmiths can do this reprogram. It may depend on where you are. In Central Maryland, there is one independent locksmith licensed to do this.