Ignition problems

My ignition locks up. I can’t shift, can’t turn the key, can’t turn the steering wheel.

I push hard on the brake pedal and keep trying the turn the key and eventually it will turn. the problem is getting worse, i.e. more frequent and takes more attempts to turn the key. My dealer doesn’t have a clue what to do.

So this must be an intermittent problem that you dealer can’t replicate? B/c there will be no real mystery here.

Unless it is for warranty or recall service you don’t need a dealer. So go to a reputable, local mechanic and ask them to look at it. Time for a another pair of eyes - perhaps someone who is interested in helping you figure it out.

Does turning the steering wheel a little one way or another help the key turn more easily?

I honestly don’t know if it would help or not because I cannot turn the wheel, even slightly.
Believe me, I have tried!

Good advice. Thanks.

My ladyfriend used to park her Caddy in the garage with a board on the floor as a stop. Sometimes, when the tires were hard against the board, she couldn’t turn the key. I had to jack up the front end to move the board. Pressure in the transmission locked the ignition. this also happened in a parking lot against a curb. She resolved the problem by after touching the board, shift to neutral and let the car settle, unless you’re on a hill, then shift to park. Of couse, the simplest thing is try a different key, it may be worn, or the switch itself.

I’ll give that a try. Thanks.