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Car wont stay started

Ok so here i an again…so to my previous post…2006 pontiac torrent got my ignition switched, key reprogrammed then dealer said it would not start. Towed it home, turned the key and my car started for about 3 seconds then shuts off…my anti theft stays on. Dealer says something else wrong…anyone have any suggestions?

Can you disable the antitheft system - with an on-off switch, or removing a fuse, for example?

Or can you have it professionally removed? Those systems often play havoc with the vehicle’s electrical circuitry and unless they are carefully removed and all disturbed connections found and carefully restored, the problems continue.

If it is not a factory-installed system, I can understand the dealer is being presented with a problem they’re not familiar with, and have no responsibility for (unless they installed an aftermarket system on the car.)

I dont believe i saw any kind of fuse to remove…i dont know how to shut it off myself, wish i did. Cars been down for just over 5 weeks, with no other transportation. Its been hell trying to fix it along with the money i have spent that i dont have.

In your other tread you stated that you installed a “new” steering column, that is a critical detail.

Replacing the steering column will not require the keys to be programmed, the body control module will not loose memory of the keys during this event.

Look closely at the steering lock housing to see if the wiring for the Passlock system is damaged. Something must have been damaged during the steering column replacement to be causing this problem. Your good independent mechanic should be able to complete this repair.

Sorry for the mis-understanding, my mechanic only ended up replacing the actual ignition, the turn signal and winshield wiper pieces. He keeps insisting it is the key. The dealership says it is not, could be the wiring. The killer is it starts just does not stay on. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. .thank you so much

I will take a look and see if the wiring in the pass lock was damaged. Thanks again