2001 grand an ignition cylinder



I’ve gotten stuck twice with this car, first time the mechanic did a full tune up, second time he changed the ignition and said he had to reprogram the computer {which it says nothing about in the chiltons manual} is this guy ripping me off? Feels that way to me. any info would be helpful. Thanks, Tom


There is no way for us to know. You have not given us enough information. For example what were the problems that prompted the work and what exactly was the work that was done. For example reprogramming a computer could be just rebooting it or it might have been actually reprogramming it.


Hi and thanks for your inpput, the car cranked , but wouldn’t start, definitely not a battery issue, felt like it was a fuel prooblem to me. so the mechanic tuned it up and it started fine, ran for a week , then got stuck with the same symptom, cranking fine, wouldn’t start, changed the ignition, and told me he had to reprogram the computer in order to install the ignition, my chiltons manual makes no mention of any comptuer work in connection with insatallation of the ignition cylinder. That’s my question, did he or did he not have to reprogram my computer to install a new ignition cylinder, Thanks, Tom


I guess you are talking about a '01 Pontiac Grand AM.

If the key for it has a programable code then I could see where the ECU would have to be reprogrammed. If the key is just a normal one then I don’t see a reason for it but there may be one.

To see if the fuel system is a problem you could carry a can of starter fluid with you for the next time this happens. Then spray a small amount into the intake to see if the engine tries to run. I would suspect the fuel pump relay if it is the trouble.


Thanks, Great suggestion.


What’s generally called an “ignition switch” is of two parts: a key and lock cylinder part, and a switch part (which has the wires and contacts). For your problem, the switch part (with the wires and contacts) could be the part causing the intermittent starts. If he changed the key and lock cylinder part, I’m puzzled: Why? I think the key identifier is part of the key and lock part (I don’t have the Haynes). I might be mistaken.