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Pontiac 2007 Parking Brake won't release

My 2007 Pontiac GP will not release the parking brake after it is set. I found a sensor near the activating lever with the wires cut. Don’t know if this is part of the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

I found a sensor near the activating lever with the wires cut. Likely this was done because it was turning on a warning light and the prior owner did not want to replace the switch. I doubt if there is a direct relationship.

The reason it will not release is most likely rust due to lack of use. Some lube an and exercise should fix it.

I would also fix the cut wires.

The one thing I would worry about is if the prior owner did this, what did he do you have not found yet?

likely you will have to lay down on the ground and reach under the car and assist the cable out, pulling towards the rear of the car. i dont know about your specific car, but usually the brake cable is only partially protected from the elements from the lever back to the rear brake drums. corrosion and disuse makes the cable get hung up and sticky. look under the car. usually there is a turnbuckle or adjusting spring visible on the cable too. do you see a cable running from near the front left assuming a foot pedal, or the center assuming a hand lever in the center, and running towards the rear. it will connect to another cable sleeve in the rear and split in two for each side.

once you find this cable you need to pull, tug, and work it gently in both directions ( but primarily tugging it towards the rear) to loosen the brakes.