Befuddled over Brakes

I recently purchased a 1999 4 door Chevy Blazer at a county auction. The vehicle had been sitting for some time. Soon after purchase I had a probem with the rear left caliper. My neighbor who is a mechanic replaced the brake pads and installed a new rotor. The old caliper would not release completely so we installed a new (rebuilt) one. This seemed to do the trick but after a few short trips the caliper seemed to be binding against the rotor and the brakes had a burning smell so we replaced the flexible brake line to the caliper. This seemed to solve the problem, however a few trips later the caliper seemed to start binding again and there was a buring smell. We then bled the brake lines a second time and that solved the problem but once again after 2 short trips the problem returned. There is a second flexible line so we replaced it and that provided a temporary fix but once again the problem quickly returned. I am out of solutions to solve this issue

I’d be suspecting that rebuilt caliper. I’d try a brand new one first, before spending money anywhere else.

When you say “would not release” do you mean the piston could not be fully compressed manualy? Or some kind of sliding/sticking concern with the caliper on its support /mounting pins.For the later cant these pins be lubed so the caliper slides freely? Was it hard to push the piston back far enough to get the new pads in?

You say rear caliper.

Is this an integral parking caliper or is there a separate drum brake for parking?
You pretty much hunted down everything that could be causing a hydraulic drag condition, but have not mentioned any investigation into the parking brakes.


Thank you for your response I was thinking about the parking break, right now the parking break will not set and I think the cable is broke. The vehicle coasts and rolls smoothly when you first use it so I didn’t think that was an issue. I wll ask my mechanic friend about the seperate drum but when I purchased the replacement I only noticed 1 piston. The problem seems to occur after dirving the car for a while and when I drove it this weekend it seemed that both sides may have a bit of a drag. The left side was the problem child before we replaced everything.

Thanks for your help,