Disengage parking brake?

So my parking brake just locked — not sure yet how or why, but it’s pretty rusty under there so I’m sure that has something to do with it. I just need to drive the car a couple of more weeks before my brother is giving me his… I am wondering if it would be possible to disengage the parking brake cable? It basically just locked up and now my driver’s side rear wheel doesn’t spin. If I did disengage, would it mess up my car/make it completely unsafe to drive?

Having had a car with a sticking parking brake, just crawl under and pull on the cable hard to release it while pulling on the brake release lever if you have one. And don’t use the dang thing again.

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It all depends on what stuck. If it is the cable, you can pry it loose or disconnect it. It the mechaism in the caliper or.drum is stuck, that must be fixed so the tire turns.

Either way, you need a tow to a shop if you can’t fix it yourself where it is.

Most of the time it is a rusty cable where it enters the brake drum and cutting the cable is NOT going to help. It could be rusted (frozen) where it goes through the floor but not likely.

Try spraying a penetrating oil around the cable where it enters the drum. Let it sit overnight, then spray again and work the brake lever until it frees up.