Parking brake


I have a 2000 pontiac sunfire automatic,

with a frozen parking brake on the rear

passenger side. Looking for help on getting

it unfrozen myself any suggestions


Frozen as in frozen with ice, or frozen as in rusted fast? Is the brake on or off? If it’s stuck on, sometimes you can break it loose by driving the vehicle to force the wheel to turn.

First you have to figure out what’s not working, then you can try to repair it. What’s frozen, the cable or the brake shoes?


Agreed, first you have to find what’s stuck. The lever? Jammed cable? The brake itself? Crawl under and check each section.


car has been setting about a month with the
parking brake on driver side seems to be
released not the passenger side


I would start by releasing the brake handle and then do a little rocking (try to drive forward (easy) and then back (easy). Often that will free it up.

Even if you get it freed up, check it out to make sure it is not now dragging which will overheat the brakes and maybe damage the rotor.


you have to actually get down under the car and look to see how the brakes are operated.

usually a cable comes from the e brake pedal/lever which goes backwards towards the rear axle. usually it splits into two (left and right)

where these split is usually where you can get to them to figure out how they are working.

since one side has released, the problem is NOT in the lever, pedal area; it is from the split of the cables to the rear brake drum.

sometimes just wiggling the cable push pull, and a little ‘helping’ it will let it release.

the problem is that it WILL happen again. you need to lube the cables so they slide.

on the other hand, the problem MAY be in the wheel hub/disc area. thats more work, and a little more difficult to get at.

post back as you keep investigating and what you find


Thanks got under the car found the cables
pushed and pulled and brake finally released


the problem is that it WILL happen again. you need to lube the cables so they slide.

if they got stuck it will do it again. find out how to lube the cables. save yourself the hassle of having this happen when you really don’t need it! (like at night, or on the way to the airport when you are in a hurry)