Plymouth Grand voyager

My voyager when warm begins to have what feels like a miss under acceleration at speeds between 35 and75 mph.This has been happening for about 200 miles now. The coil was replaced with no success. Any ideas?

103K miles, 1990 model year with 3.3 Mitsubishi engine


Joseph does not have ESP.

Could be wrong but isn’t the mitsu the 3.0L OHC, and the 3.3 a Chrysler OHV push rod?

You are correct. The 3.0 OHC engine was designed and built by mitsubishi and the 3.3 OHV was designed and built by Chrysler.

i believe you’re right about the chryco 3.3 i had the same van and thats what i had in it.

i vaguely remember having problems like this once, a complete tune up, plugs, wires, helped.

BUT, as i recall, this was also the beginning of a transmission problem too. you should probably take it to a transmission place to have it checked out. (just to eliminate the transmission as a problem. (it probably is over due for a transmission service anyway!)

is the check engine light on on the dash???

i mentioned the transmission since you talked about acceleration, at highway speeds. (sounds like a shifting “miss” could be possible) are you seeing any change or “bouncing” in the tachometer during this acceleration? or is this something you are “feeling”?

Allpar is a good source of info for these old EEK based mini vans. Here is a link to read the codes