'87 plymouth voyager se


…has Mitsubishi 2.6L engine. Will just sputter and quit unexpectedly. This happens

very occasionaly but can’t trust it to drive. Always when hot, and always when it has been parked for a little while with the engine off. Go to drive off and about 100 yards down the road, will sputter and quit and will not start. I can crank it until the battery goes dead and it won’t start, like not a drop of gas is reaching the engine. I have it towed to the mechanic who can’t see it until the next day. By then it starts up just fine and he can’t even begin to track down what the problem is. Any ideas? Could a fuel cutoff solenoid create this symptom?


intresting, i had the exact same problem a few years ago with my 87 voyager. after months at the mechanics doing all kinds of things with the timing and ignition etc, i simply was in the right place at the right time. I saw the coil wire sparking against the fender. ssoooo. before you go too far change your coil wire, it worked for me. LOts of luck, hope it helps.



Your mechanic could play a hair drier over each sensor, ignition coil, etc., until the engine falters (while idling). It could be any of one of them.