1996 plymouth eating brains

1996 plymouth grand voyager 3.3 v-6 133,000 miles. have changed crank + cam sensors coil, and now on 3rd brain . getting codes of po203 + po300. mechanic got main brain from (i wont tell you name but it like “car zone”) rebuilt not new from dodge. checked injectors and all within 2,000 of each other. help have we missed anything?

Are you replacing the “brain” (ECM)to cure the P0203 and P0300 problems? Has the mechanic let you know what failed in the ECM. Usually when the ECM fails the engine will not run.

Hopefully, we can help you with more information.

van will get a miss in it w/ dumping raw fuel out tailpipe.when 1st happened it would go from a single miss to more missing then would pop thru intake and couldn’t get it above 25mph. then it would go back to just a single miss. people behind me “loved” the raw fuel /blue smoke i was giving them. first time ECM went bad was 2 nodgeules burnt out. all injectors checked out within specks.the po203 + po300 codes came up after the 3rd ECM was instaled.didn’t go 10 miles + started to miss again.seems to happen just when put a little more gas to kick it outa o/d.

even tho all the injectors "ohm"d out good # 3 injector showed up as bad twice. getting that one changed out and hoping that will do the trick

What is the running voltage and does it fluctuate?