Plymouth Voyager transmission trouble-shooting

The transmission on my 1993 Plymouth Voyager van began slipping out of gear when I left work last week, and I had to have it towed the last few miles when it finally wouldn’t move at all. I knew I had a problem when I heard this wheezing sound a few blocks before I arrived at work that morning. Sure enough, after work it got up to around 40MPH and slipped out of gear, until it could hardly get to 10 MPH without slipping, or wouldn’t even catch at the stop light. That’s when I called the tow truck!
The transmission was re-built in Oct 2008 and my first problem with it occurred July 2012 when the trans coolant section on my radiator failed and began mixing coolant with the tranny fluid. I was able to drain most of the contaminated fluid out and re-filled with ATF+4, and had no problems with it until now.
Yesterday I started the engine and backed it downed the driveway and it caught gear enough to drive it up and down the block once. I drained the fluid out and pulled the filter off, and the pan bottom shows some discolored gray film residue, but not much metal shavings, etc. and no burnt smell. I’m hoping that someone who’s had this problem can advise me.

“Not much metal shavings.”

There should be none. Only clutch friction material.

The transmission’s done.


Which transmission do you have? If it is the 4-speed electronic, you are brobably done for. If you have the old 3 speed torqueflight there are band adjustments you can do. They began putting the torqueflight in some vans again starting in 92 because of the problems they were having with the 4 speed,

Yes, unfortunately it’s the 4-speed electronic trans. I’m going to get it down to the local yard and get what I can for it. Thanks for your comments.