Jerking 1995 Voyager

I have a 1995 Voyager 3.0 Automatic 3 speed. The Voyager makes a jerking motion when cruising under light load. The jerking does not happen when deaccelerating or under acceleration, only during “normal” cruise driving conditions at any speed. So far I have done the following:

Changed Transmission Fluid (ATF+4) and filter/

Changed Cap, Rotor, Plugs, Wires, Fuel filter, air filter, oil change.

Cleaned throttle body and replaced idle servo motor (there was a problem with stalling that is gone now).

I disconnected the torque converter by pulling the torque converter solenoid plug, but I still get the jerking motion. I have also looked for codes using a code reader and everything comes up o.k. Any ideas?

Have you checked the motor and tranny mounts?

I once had the same problem on a '94 Voyager.

I replaced the motor mounts and still have the same problem.

The one time I had this was violent jerking. It was the VSS and it was obvious on the dash. No codes either. Mine would swing wide on the speedometer and play havoc. Mine was a 92 3.0 3-speed.

The speedometer is rock solid, so could it still be the VSS?

Have you checked the fuel pressure? Do this under load - either rig a hook up that you can watch while your drive (long connection outside on the windshield maybe), or at least hook up a gauge and rev it up to the right rpm range for a good long time.