Plymouth Breeze door ajar alarm

I’ve got a '96 Burgundy Breeze (yes, I know, a gas guzzler)that sounds off the “door” alarm from time to time. This also lights up the interior dome light since the car thins the doors are open. Do you thin that the fact that the part of the dashboard instruments light up only from time to time is somehow linked to this problem?

Yes. Both the dome light and the door ajar signal are controlled by any of the four door switches. One of them is defective or misadjusted, or maybe one door does not close securely. Examine each switch and door, including the door’s rubber bumper, for any obvious visual problem.

The dashboard light problem is unrelated. That is probably from a loose connection in the gauge cluster or a faulty rheostat in the headlight switch.

Steve is right about the door jamb switches. The quick-and-easy solution is to tape a penny to the spot where the plunger from switch makes contact. Sometimes, some electrical contact cleaner sprayed into the switch will fix the problem. Replacement switches are cheap and easy to install also.

Gas guzzler? With a manual transmission, its rated at 26 city/37 highway, and 22/32 with an automatic with the base 2.0L engine, and close to those numbers with the optional 2.4L.

EDIT: The 2.4L engine wasn’t available until '97.

My 95 Stratus with the Base 2.0L, and 5 speed manual averages 30 MPG combine city/ highway. Thats why I am still hanging on to it.