Plymouth Acclaim stalling


I recently obtained a sixteen year old Acclaim. It has been running beautifully for about three months. Yesterday, it decided to stall and turn off every time I took my foot off of the gas. What could be causing this? My fiance won’t be home until tonight, and I’m hoping it’s a problem he may be able to try to fix so that I don’t have to take it into a shop before the holidays. Any ideas or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!

I Had That Happen In An Older Chrysler When It Turned Cold. It Was Moisture In The MAP Sensor Circuit, But This Could Be Caused By Many Things.

Being a 199X (pre-1996), you probably don’t have an OBD 2 data socket, but with the engine off, try turning the ignition key :

from “off” to the “on” position (not start),
then to “off”,
then to “on”,
then to "off,
and then to “on” (the third “on”) and leave it there.

Do this “key dance” within 5 seconds and get ready to count how many times the “Check engine” light blinks. It will send out a code or codes if it’s got any stored. The codes are 2 digit numbers.

blink, pause, blink, blink, pause . . . blink, blink, blink, pause, blink, blink, blink, would be two codes - code 12 and code 33. The codes may repeat after the first time through. You may have to try this over again to catch it. It takes a little practice. You will probably get a code 12 at the beginning and should get a code 55 “End of Message” at the end of the other codes.

See if you can do that and post the codes here and we’ll see if it helps with anything.
Is the “check engine” light on at this time?

What model - year is it, a 95 ? Which engine ?

P.S. I owned and operated a Dodge Spirit (Acclaim’s Dodge sibling) for 17 years !

Here’s The Allpar Site Links That Can Be A Friend To A Plymouth Owner / DIYer.

Here’s the home page link:
You’ll want to click Auto Repairs

Here’s a jump to their Stalling info:

Here’s a jump to their list of Trouble Codes:


Thank you so much! I’m going to try what I can right now. It is a 1994, and the check engine light hasn’t been on yet. Thank you again. I will let you know what happens when I check it.

O.K. You’re Welcome And Good Luck !

The code that I saw was 35. Also, I took the car out today, and there were no problems with it at all. I will take it in if I have to, but I am really wishing for an easy fix

Were Any Weather Conditions Different ? Did You Have Blowing Snow Last Time It Acted Up Or Frigid Temps, For Example ?

Maybe it fixed itself, we hope.

Grasping straws here, this car had to do some sitting (It couldn’t have been driven continuously for 16 years, right ?), I’d put some dry-gas in the gas tank just because.

“Christie Dry-Gas” is the original, but any brand “gas line anti-freeze” or “gas line-drier” will work. It’s not very expensive. Follow the directions on the bottle.

It could help if sitting caused moisture to accumulate and settle in the gas tank.

Has his car been out of service (or not used much) before you obtained it ?


It has been used fairly steadily for the past three years. Before that, there were long lengths of time where it wasn’t in use. It was particularly cold yesterday with a few flurries, but not much snow. I will try the dry gas. Would you recommend taking it in to be safe?

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You Could Take It In, But If It’s Not Acting-Up At That Time, There’s A Good Chance That No Problems Will Be Found. Some (Most, All ?) Places Will Charge If They Check And Find Nothing.