Car Stalls

I own a 1999 Buick Park Avenue - that stalls. There is no pattern to the stalling.
It stalls when I start driving, after I have been driving for a long period or when I just begin driving. It stalls when I turn a corner or on the highway, when I am at a stop sign or a red light. It is baffling. My mechanic has tried a number of solutions, including replacing the crankshaft sensor, however, it still stalls.
I would appreciate your imput.
Thank you.
Simi in Milwaukee

Has the ignition module been replaced?


Ask yourself whether or not there isn’t one common thing about all of the stalls. It wouldn’t be whether the car is warm or cold, or on city streets at 25mph or the highway at 60mph. It would just be whether or not it only tends to stall when you take your foot off of the gad pedal. E.g. as when you’re in a turn or sitting at a stop sign.

If it is associated with taking your foot off of the gas pedal, ask your mechanic about the idle air control (IAC) valve.

What happens after it stalls, btw? Does it just start right back up like normal? Start with some kind of coaxing? Not start until…?