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1990 plymouth acclaim throwing bad map sensor code and a code 37

I have a 1990 plymouth acclaim. when driving it will randomly just stall out ( usually this happens first thing in the morning) and you have to wait 10 minutes and then the car will start back and usually drives fine the rest of the day. the battery, starter, and alternator have all been checked and work good. the service engine light is on and it throws the code for a bad map sensor and also throws code 37. the map sensor has now been unhooked and while the car runs smoother, it has not seemed to solve the stalling out problem. after unhooking the map sensor the car didnt stall the neext day but has stalled everyday since. any ideas what this could be and what the code 37 is?

Code 37=Part Throttle Unlock Open or Shorted Circuit.

This has to do with the torque converter clutch control solenoid. There’s a fault in the circuit that may be preventing the torque converter clutch from unlocking when at part throttle. And this could be what’s causing the engine to stall.

If the MAP sensor is faulty, why not replace it?


i will be replacing the map sensor, i was just hopin to find out what else is wrong so it can be done all at once… What exactly do i need replace to fix the torque converter problem?

i am having the same problem with my 91 acclaim 4 cyl. did you get it fixed and if so how?