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Please help with my transmission, i think i may have been tricked!

Hi- I don’t know too much about cars, but I have a 2000 Honda Accord. I got it inspected at my local Honda dealership a few days ago and they said that I needed new brakes. They put those on and also changed the oil.

Yesterday I was driving home on the highway and when I hit the gas, a few times my car jerked as if I had slammed on the brakes, then it continued to drive forward. When I took it this morning to the Honda dealership, they said that I need a new transmission. Is this strange that this problem was not noted on Friday when my car was inspected?

I have an automatic starter and lately it has been making a clicking noise when I put the key in the ignition. I would then turn the car on and off a few times and the clicking would stop. When that would happen, it would not restart with my regular key, but it would with the automatic starter.

Soooo… is it possible that this was a symptom of the transmission about to go, or do you think it is weird that I JUST had my car inspected and then this happened immediately after. By the way, the car has 85,000 miles. Thanks for the help anyone who decides to respond to this!!!

You need to contact the Honda regional office to clear this up. I believe your particular model is one that is covered by a recall on the transmission.
If it needs a new transmission then you won’t be the one paying for it. Hope that helps.

(Just a coincidence. A car is a collection of hundreds of used parts and any of them are prone to failure at any time)

And, the has a recall search for anyone to use. That’s the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website, an awesome bundle of information.

The warranty was for 7 years on the transmission. Too late.
Go to an independent repair shop. The transmission needs better troubleshooting than it has gotten. They could, also, check the start problem.

Is this strange that this problem was not noted on Friday when my car was inspected?

Not at all. If you are going to have problems, it is just a likely the day after you have had service as any other day.

We seem to hear of a lot of problems with those remote/auto starters. If it were mine I would have it removed if it was not OEM and likely de-activated if it was OEM and could be deactivated. I might add that for almost all situations, the use of a remote starter causes additional wear on the car. Cars warm up best by being driven. I don’t know of any connection with what you heard and an auto transmission, but I could be wrong.

The garage did not do anything to your car and likely never noticed it as they simply drove the car from the lot into garage and did the appropriate work.

It is never in a dealers interest to do anything malicious.