Transmission problem?

I drive an automatic transmission. After driving about 10 miles, when I come to a stop sign/stoplight in drive 4, the car will “brake” but will idle and then violently shake back into gear. It doesn’t seem to happen in Drive 3, so what I do before a stoplight etc is slowly shift down to D2 or D1. Is the transmission totally shot? I had it replaced once and it cost me 2000 dollars.

No. You don’t drive an automatic transmission, you drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission. And unless you let us in on the little secret of the type of vehicle you drive, I can only say,“Are you kidding?”


Yes to tester, he is 100% correct. If I had to guess, I am going with a lock up tourqe converter not unlocking when comingto a stop

I was never one for technicalities, Tester, look at the tags. It was just a simple question, man, so why don’t we avoid any unnecessary posturing. Thanks for your input

Can’t see tags on a iPhone/iPod I am guessing most mobile devices. He is right though, even my guess is just that because I have no idea if your car has a lock up tq or not.

It’s a 2000 Honda Accord with about 156,000 miles on it. Thank you for your insight gsragtop, I greatly appreciate it.

Yes, but the tags don’t tell us the year. And the late 90s to early '00 Accords had terrible transmissions - so knowing that matters. And Tester is right, anyway. You don’t drive an automatic transmission.

Other than the year, how many miles are on this car? What was the issue the first time you had the transmission replaced? How many miles are on the replacement transmission? Was it rebuilt at a shop, or did someone order you a rebuilt? Since it has been rebuilt, what has been done in terms of servicing? E.g. has the pan ever been dropped & the filter replaced?

Other than this issue that you report does the transmission/car do anything else odd?

Is your check engine light on? If so, has anyone pulled error codes from it? If they have, post them. If not, many auto parts stores read the codes for free. The format is “P1234” - so if the engine light is on then get the codes and post them.

Its not a simple question.

If I had to take a complete WAG at this with very little info I’d say that you might be having a problem with your torque converter clutch lock up. But I’d also give even odds that it doesn’t have anything to do with your transmission.

Maybe it’s not a simple question, but sarcasm never helps. Especially over the internet. But RE: the info you asked for- 156,000 miles on it, transmission redone in 2006. The only other problem I have noticed is that the transmission “shifts hard” on highways/high speed roads etc. All of this happens in drive 4, given it’s not very wise to drive high speeds on D3 or D2. The check engine light is on as well as “maintenance req.”

And no other maintenance besides replacing the starter and oil changes.

It’s a Honda. What year?

Technology from OBDI to OBDII dictates how vehicle should be diagnosed.

Look at this way, when you ask for a part from someone from a parts store, they need to know the year, make, and model of the vehicle you’re working on. Otherwise you can end up with the wrong part.

The same thing is true here. Need the information!


Honda 2000 buddy, I just fear my car is done for. Not only is that transmission acting up, I also have an oil leak from a gasket.

Oil or transmission fluid?

V6 or 4 cylinder? Go to a local auto parts store and see if you can read the stored codes for free. Post the results back here.


and the transmission fluids are fine. Thanks for your input!

4 cylinder or V6?


This was my first question about my vehicle on this forum and it will also be my last. Only a couple of people responded and one actually agreed with the sarcastic, pontificating-hiding-behind-a-monitor member. Pathetic. You may able to fix and diagnose cars, Tester, but your knowledge is no match for mine when it comes to composing orchestral works of art. So, treat me like an idiot, all of you, but like I tell my students (whom I teach music theory to,) who is the TRUE fool here? Someone who is obviously lacking knowledge on car repair, or someone who gets their jollies berating and poking fun at that certain someone? Think about it.

Back the original question; if the tranny isn’t “shot” it is certainly sick. Most likely the lock up torque converter is locking improperly. This could be inside the torque converter itself, that would be bad and costly to fix.

Or, it could be in the electronic controls. The computer controls could be telling the converter to lock up when it should be unlocked. The control module could be bad or a sensor feeding info into the module could be bad. This might not be too costly to diagnose and fix.

Transmission fault codes are stored in a separate computer in many cars and these codes can be read by a Honda dealer or a good independent transmission shop. Stay away from chain shops (AAMCO, or Cotman) as they usually just tell you you’ll need a rebuild.

At the moment there are standard OBDII codes stored. Those can be read for free at auto parts stores. The format is “P1234.” Have an auto parts shop pull the codes, write down the exact codes, and post them.

There’s a good chance that will tell you something. If not, then its off to (probably) pay for basic diagnostic scanning at a transmission shop.