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Is this a serious damage?

So this happened while backing up, no real damage, but I feel if I had to repair this it would be too expensive. Im a college kid.
Thank You

First of all I can’t tell how bad it is or where on car. If you have limited funds just drive on. A collision repair center will give you an estimate. Our guesses over the internet from a photo are basically worthless.

Its like in the back side of the car, not too visible.
Yeah I plan on doing that soon

If the damage is on the plastic bumper, don’t worry about it. Plastic doesn’t rust.

If the damage is on the steel body, you want to get it repaired as soon as possible. Steel rusts.


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Its the plastic part, so im good with this right?



Thank You, really thought it was gonna be a major issue with something.

If that’s the worse damage from parking, you are lucky. I get one of those every month or so. At the end of a few years, lots of dents and scratches.

As was mentioned, if it’s steel, clean it and give it a coat of metal primer. Otherwise ignore it.

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Not a big deal. I’m assuming you checked to make sure no damage to actual crash protection under bumper cover? If not, no big deal at all. In fact you can purchase a new bumper cover with mounting hardware (except paint) from.Amazon Prime before/if you resell your car and want top dollar (bumper covers can’t really be “esthetically repaired” like other parts of the body.

Mine’s a 1994 Accord EX with only 82,000 oringinal miles. Someone backed into my front bumper REPEATEDLY with a trailer hitch (it appears as there are holes in it). I’m going to just order a new bumper cover when I sell and have a paint match.

Have a great weekend!

It’s not serious damage. Can be repaired by most any body shop.

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Yeah ones charging me 450:P

Thanks appreciate it will lookinto it :))

I’m not sure how diy’er friendly repair it would be, but if I had that problem and couldn’t afford to pay a body shop to fix it, I’d sandpaper out most of the roughness, then use a little body filler to cover it up, another sanding, then some touch up paint. It wouldn’t be prefect like it would look from a shop, but better than the way it looks now. Doing it that way wouldn’t cost much. It might add a little to the bill when you finally want a body shop to do a proper repair tho.

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I was thinking something similar, but I wasn’t as sure as you seem to be that it would end up looking better than it does now. My touch-up jobs never seem to come out looking good, but maybe you’re right. With my skills, though, I would first consider gluing the scraped plastic parts down that are sticking out using a waterproof adhesive. That’s the only approach I can think of that is guaranteed to not end up with something that looks worse than when I started.

With that in mind, one problem with using touch-up paint on a plastic bumper is that it might not have flex additive in it, so it could eventually peal.

@mrinalbhatt5, since you’re a college student, I have to ask if this is your car or if it belongs to your parents. If it belongs to your parents, and they’re paying for your insurance, they should be the ones to make this call. They might want the car repaired properly. If it’s your car and you’re paying for the insurance, you get to make the call, but if not, you should see what your parents want to do.

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Well unfortunately its mine, so well im looking around for cheap prices, maybe will sell some of my stuff to get some cash so it shouldn’t be biggy. Appreciate for the advice, i might end up doing it but lets see. Since i plan on selling it soon that’s one reason I feel that I need to fix it properly.

Now that you brought it up . . .

Is the rest of the body in otherwise excellent condition?

Because if this is only one of many such scrapes . . . which are considered normal on older vehicles . . . then I don’t see much point in paying $450 to fix the bumper

How does the paint look?

Nice and glossy?

Or peeling clearcoat?

If it’s the latter, don’t bother with the bumper and sell the car as is

I wouldn’t worry a out it but here’s what I did in college if you want to fix it cheap. I had some body work experience but if you don’t go check out a book or two from the library on body repair. Get a bumper repair kit, a can of matching Dupli-color and primer, some sandpaper and have at it. No time like the present to learn a little body repair and painting.

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Sorry Bing, it is not done that way anymore. People go to the internet and look for video’s or forums.

Sorry but you don’t get the depth of information that you would get from a full book. Videos and forums are great for filling in details or answering questions but not for a basic education.

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Oh everything else is in top condition, just this part not sure if it would be a trouble.