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EPC light on Volkswagon Eurovan

I have a Volkswagon Eurovan chassis on a Winnebago. I am having difficulty getting some to work on it. Right now The EPC (electronic protection control) comes on and the car will not move out of park, unless you pump on the break say a few Hail Mary’s and curse at it. Once I thought I would do a smart thing and work it out of park and put it in neutral. It stuck there also. On occassion it will start like ti sis suppose to. It is an automatic transmission. When it is going to slip out of park you can hear a tiny click and away you go. If there is not click the you get towed. Can you tell me what is wrong with it. Some times the EPC light will come on while I am driving but it does not stop the car It may go out or it may stay on. I am in Texas and often miles away from any help. HELP!

Sorry, but I can’t tell you what’s wrong. What I can tell you is you are going to have to find a VW specialist to figure this out. Or you can buy a factory shop manual and do it yourself. The factory manuals are very expensive, but they are the best.

A VW dealer might (should) be able to figure it out, but these types of problems are some of the most difficult and time consuming to diagnose, so they will charge accordingly.

If you can find an independent VW shop they might be a better bet, but only if they’re REALLY good.

I wish you the best of luck. As a former VW Type 2 owner, I have a soft spot for anything resembling a VW Bus, and the Eurovan is the latest and greatest.