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EPC Light on 2002 GTI

About 2 weeks ago, my wife’s 2 year old battery died on her 2002 GTI. She brought it to the local gas station, they checked it, said it was dead and sold her a new battery. A week ago, she brought the car in for the 90k mile checkup, they did the standard service (changed filters, rotated tires) and sent her on her way telling her that everything looked ok. Tonight, she turned the key to start the car and it took two tries and 30 seconds of cranking before the car would start. When it started, the EPC light was on (solid). We then drove it on a 5 minute trip home without any further difficulty (but with the EPC light still on).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing this and whether we can successfully blame the problem on the either of the aforementioned mechanics?

Thanks in advance for any answers

I am not sure what a EPC light is. I drive a 2002 VW (diesel), maybe it is a gasser thing. In any case, I am going to guess it is a CEL (Check Engine Light) and I suggest you get someone to check for error codes, as they will say why the light is on. Most of the codes should be readable by the standard reader and many auto parts stores will read them for free. Some may be special VW codes and for that you need someone with a VW code reader.

You do want to find out why the light is on. It may be minor, but it could be important. The standard codes are in the format P1234 Don’t just get the english translation, get the real code. Then post it back in this tread.

EPC means electronic pedal control fault. Basically your car does not have a throttle cable and their is fault within the system possibly including mass air meter, throttle body, wiring between systems, brake switch and a few others…

I helped a friend diagnose the issue on their VW Jetta and it turned out to be a brake switch in their case.

I believe you can get codes. It may have something to do with work, like improperly plugged in sensor after air filter change but may be simply normal failure of 8yr old VW. I would return and see what transpires.