Pine Sap

How do I get Pine Sap off the car?

Goo-Gone. It’s the best I’ve ever used for sap removal.

I also use Goo-Gone on tough spots. I wash and wax that area after using it. Bug & tar remover will probably have similar results. Maybe WD-40 also. What products do you already have to choose from?

Same question got asked today in the car Q&A in the WSJ - he recommended WD-40 and Avon’s ‘Skin So Soft’ - first time I’ve heard of that for cars!

After you get the pine sap off remember not to park under pine trees anymore.

I’ve used Goo-Gone, or Goof-Off, or similar products.

WD-40 or Skin So Soft might be gentler on the finish.

Apply wax after you remove the sap.

I’ve had success with WD-40.

I have some Goo-Gone - never tired it. I have a big pine sap glob at the moment - perhaps I’ll give it a whirl.

Try a wet sheet of Bounce…Works great.