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Sap on Hood

Does anyone have any good ideas on how to get pine sap off the hood and windshield of my truck without ruining the paint? I tried both Mineral Spirits and Goo Gone, neither of them messed up the paint, but they weren’t strong enough to get the sap off. Thanks for any suggestions.

IPA, AKA Isopropyl Alcohol Has worked for me in the past.

How did you use the mineral spirits and Goo Gone? The will be more effective if you wet a rag or paper towel and hold the rag onto the sap. As it dries out, our more solvent on the rag. After a few minutes, start to rub the sap spot and see if it comes off. Be sure to wear latex or nitrile gloves.

Try kerosene

I’ve had good results in removing tree sap with WD-40.

All I’ve ever used is Meguires car wash and takes the sap off but if it is really tough or you have a bad finish you can use bug and tar remover.

Try ammonia. I tried almost everything else. My mechanic suggested ammonia and it worked quickly and cleanly. Good luck.