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The PICC, Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter is a breakthrough new technology that could get your car up to five times the gas mileage! Its genius is its simplicity. Here?s how it works:

Our scientific testing has led us to believe that the PICC will increase the mileage of all personal vehicles to over 100 miles per gallon (city or highway).

Every car has a Catalytic Converter. The Catalytic Converter that is currently installed on your car is intended to help eliminate pollution and is located in your exhaust pipe. It works by breaking down the large gas molecules that were not burned in your engine and turns them into smaller particles that can be burned in your tailpipe before being released into the air, so less exhaust hits the environment. What if we could turn the gases you are throwing away via your exhaust into added mileage and power for your vehicle?

In other words, what if we ?cracked? the gas and broke it down into smaller particles before it went into the engine ? not after the engine had wasted it? Everything you would otherwise be throwing away would now be burned IN YOUR ENGINE, providing additional mileage and power! Well, that is what we did! Using a magnetic and electrical reaction to break down the fuel molecules into their elemental state, the PICC creates a plasma, which burns super efficiently and cleanly! Our ?Pre-Ignition? Catalytic Converter feeds the engine instead of the environment. So the gasoline you pay for goes further and the exhaust is so negligible it hardly registers.

What Kind of Savings Can Be Achieved?

Can you imagine what being able to burn all the gasoline in your engine would mean to fuel savings? Here?s what our scientific testing has shown: In one test at our Research Facility, we got 9X the fuel efficiency from a gas guzzling 318 V-8 Chrysler engine. We ran a 318 V-8 Chrysler engine on a brand new state of the art dynamometer (the same testing equipment that Detroit uses) at 3,000 rpms under a 50% load for an hour. This test condition approximated an 8 cylinder van with a 318 engine, traveling up a 30 degree incline for one hour, at 65 miles per hour. Before the PICC modification, the engine used 18 pounds of fuel. At an average weight of 6.15 pounds per gallon for gasoline, that would equal 2.93 gallons of fuel. Converting that into miles per gallon, it got around 22 mpg.

The researchers then switched the fuel injection process to the PICC Modification and ran the engine under the exact same conditions for another hour. Now, the engine used only 2 pounds of fuel instead of 18 ? an increase in efficiency of 9x. In other words, the vehicle traveling at 65 mph up a 30 degree incline for an hour would have obtained almost 200 mpg! When they shut off the engine, the researchers reported that it coasted on the plasma for another two minutes.

What Does This Mean To You?

This test with a 318 V-8 gas guzzling engine is just the first big V-8 engine that we ran under scientific conditions at our Research Facility. We believe based on results like these that our plasma could revolutionize fuel economy for ALL vehicles ? including SUVs and Pickups ? that should easily get better than 100 miles per gallon with the PICC. To be able to modify SUVs of any size to get 100 mpg minimal fuel economy will revolutionize the auto industry!

It Simply Means:

More Money in Your Pocket

A Drastic Reduction in Greenhouse Gases for the Environment

Longer Lasting Car Engines

Cleaner Burning Fuel

Less Dependence on Foreign Oil

Watch the PICC Video

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How To Get Started With Your PICC Conversion Now

The PICC is a customized application which is the second step in a two step process. While the PICC is being developed for your vehicle, the first step to savings can be acquired immediately, so you can begin the process and start increasing your gas mileage right away. Here?s how it works:

The Hydro-Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC) is a kit that is ready to install and give you savings while preparing the way for the PICC Revolution. Since the PICC will use the HAFC to pre-condition the fuel and help turn it into plasma, you can start saving with the HAFC and later upgrade to the completed PICC at your option. The HAFC is an established and proven technology that is already on the market. You may be so happy with the savings you get with the HAFC, you may not even want to upgrade. When you get a PICC Upgrade Quote, we will notify you of your expected increase in savings, and the decision will be yours. The best part is that you get all the savings from driving with the HAFC while you are waiting for even more of an increase in savings with the PICC.








The HAFC system will likely double your gas mileage! The kit is ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to increase your gas mileage by at least 50% or the cost of the kit will be refunded to you. There is a scientific procedure for testing the vehicle before and after the modification that will PROVE the effect the kit has had on your mileage. We have actually improved mileage by more than 300% in some instances. Hundreds of kits have already been distributed across the USA. We invite you to look at the examples further down on this page.








The second step of the process is to upgrade the HAFC by adding the Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter (PICC) when it is ready. In addition to the mileage increase you receive from the HAFC, we anticipate that the PICC will increase the mileage of all personal vehicles to over 100 miles per gallon (city or highway). Unbelievable, but, based upon scientific observation, entirely possible!

The HAFC will work in unison with the PICC to break the fuel down into smaller molecules and prepare it for the PICC to create a plasma. We are convinced that the combination will ultimately revolutionize the way cars are made and powered from this point on. The HAFC kit is universal and can be installed on any vehicle, but the PICC must be customized for your vehicle.

Let?s Get Started: We would like to start with the HAFC and show you why we call our project America?s ?Declaration of Energy Independence!?

You can start right away using far less gasoline than you currently consume, and we believe, that when the full system is implemented on your vehicle, you will be evaporating fuel out of your tank faster than you are using it for your travel. We are so confident in the PICC?s ability to save you money, that we are working on a plan to finance the PICC upgrade, where your savings each month will far exceed the amount of your monthly payments and give you up to 500,000 miles on your engine!

Don?t Waste Any Time


And You Too Can Be Driving Your Way To Savings!

Please review the following information and then submit a quote request below to get started on the first step toward drastically reducing your energy dependence.

Sample of Documented Results with the Hydro Assist Fuel Cell


Before After Savings

Toyota Corolla 1996 4 cyl 23 60 160%

Hyundai 2000 4 cyl 33 75 127%

Chevy Monte Carlo 2004 6 cyl 30 50 67%

Chevy Tahoe SUV 2004 8 cyl 15.57 25.3 63%

Honda Civic 1997 stick 31.42 50.6 61%

F-150 1995 8 cyl 12.7 33 159%

Toyota Camry 2002 4 cyl 42 63 50%

Grand Am 2000 6 cyl 33.37 64.33 93%

Marquis 2002 8 cyl 26.78 64.43 141%

Honda CRV 1999 4 cyl 26.73 62 131%

Dodge Neon 2002 2.L 39.2 73.53 88%

Plymouth Breeze 1998 4 cyl 38.46 77.84 102%

Mazda 2006 4 cyl 46 92 120%

Honda Civic 2007 4 cyl 33 85 158%

Jeep Wrangler 2000 4 cyl 17.3 26.58 53%

Subaru Legacy 2000 4 cyl 32 63 97%

Honda Accord EX 2000 4 cyl 28.4 55.9 97%

GMC Safari Van 1994 6 cyl 19.86 30.4 53%

Mazda MPV 2004 6 cyl 23.4 43.47 85%

GMC 2500 HD P/U 2001 8 cyl 9 15.2 69%

Ford Cargo Van 1995 6 cyl 11.9 43 261%

Silverado P/U 2003 8 cyl 18 33.4 85%

Results achieved in scientific highway tests.

?This is the best thing since the invention of the automobile!?

Mechanic from Seattle, WA

?My 2006 Mazda got 121 mpg! I am so excited I want to let everyone know … This technology is real! Finally an alternative to soaring gas prices? John S., Queensland




How does the Hydro Assist Fuel Cell system work?

The Hydro Assist Fuel Cell is a combination of long standing, proven technologies. It works by extracting a hydrogen-oxygen mixture from water by ionizing it with electricity from the battery. This mixture adds extra hydrogen to your fuel, which burns easily and powerfully and enriches your fuel mixture, giving you added mileage and power. The oxygen increases the octane value of your fuel. The system also uses six powerful magnets that ionize the gasoline to produce smaller molecules and help separate the compounds into simple elements so they burn more completely. And, a specially formulated ?covalizer? breaks down the covalent bonds of the long chain gas molecules and helps ?crack? and vaporize your fuel as well as increase the life of your engine. A perfectly balanced mixture of hydrogen and oxygen enriches the fuel so the computer can lean out the gas. Our special computer controls the car?s existing computer and keeps it from rejecting the savings.

What kind of savings can I expect to see?

We Absolutely Guarantee a Minimum of 50% Increase in Fuel Economy. We have seen savings of over 300%. We expect that savings will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but you will be allowed to install the system and have it tuned and tested. If it does not increase your fuel economy by at least 50% you can return the kit for a 100% money back refund. You should also see increased performance via better horsepower and torque as the unit cleans accumulated carbon deposits from your engine. And a cleaner engine also means a longer lasting engine.

Will it work on my car?

The HAFC System will work in any conventional motor vehicle that burns gasoline. There are no modifications to the current engine required. You just ?plug? the fuel cell into the existing air intake system. The vaporizer connects to the existing fuel line to vaporize and ionize the fuel before mixing with oxygen and hydrogen inside the engine.

This 2007 Honda in New Jersey went from 33 mpg to 85 mpg on the highway - a 158% savings.

This shows the Fuel

Cell installed in the trunk because the engine space was small.

The HAFC Technology …

Vaporizes and ionizes the fuel breaking it down for a cleaner and more complete burn

Produces Water Gas which adds hydrogen and oxygen to the fuel mixture to increase mileage and reduce carbon emissions

As A Result You Get …

Increased mileage ? 50% minimum guaranteed!

A cleaner engine that lasts longer

More horsepower & better performance

Dramatic decrease in exhaust pollution

Optimizer installed

in Glove Box.

This 1990 Toyota Corolla doubled its mileage and passed emissions inspection after having failed twice.

The HAFC Hydrogen

Fuel Cell

6 x 6 x 4-1/2

draws 15 amps

produces 50-70 liters of hydrogen/oxygen mixture per hour

Our new double cell makes twice as much gas

The Fuel Cell is the heart of the system. It separates water into hydrogen and oxygen, and adds the hydrogen to the fuel mixture, making the fuel mixture rich so the computer can ?lean? the fuel. The unit is built of durable stainless steel. It can be used even in freezing weather.

The HAFC Vaporizer

The Vaporizer contains 6 powerful magnets to help ionize the fuel and break it down into tiny sized molecules for easier consumption, a cleaner burn, and a more thorough utilization of the fuel. The radiator hose provides heat to pre-heat the gasoline as well.

The HAFC Optimizer

Most cars have computers that govern the gas usage of the vehicle. The HAFC Optimizer is an actual computer that ties into the emissions control system on the car and teaches the manufacturer?s computer to operate the HAFC System to keep it from rejecting the savings. This unit is the patented difference between the HAFC and all other gas saving devices.

The Covalizer

The Covalizer is a blend of special chemicals added to the fuel that helps ?crack? the fuel into smaller molecules and aid vaporization, so your engine burns the fuel more completely, yielding greater fuel economy.

This 2002 Honda Civic (4 cyl) went from 30 mpg highway to 60.5 mpg.

?I?m tickled pink … I?m driving around in a car that gets 85 mpg. Couldn?t be happier!?

Dale P, Seattle, WA.

?F-150 Pickup went from 11 mpg to 33 mpg ? a 179% increase! I was shocked, and very pleased!?

Mario A, NY.

?My mechanic installed the HAFC Kit on my 1998 Airstream Motor Home and it went from 6.8 mpg highway to 22 mpg. My friend was with me on the test drive, and we couldn?t believe our eyes.

Roger M., Houston, TX

Notice the Fuel Cell installation on the front right side of the engine.

Here?s What Mechanics Are Saying

?.. You have an intermediate and alternative solution to an everyday occurrence ? the big fuel wasting combustion process that goes on everyday. It will save the customer great deals of cash.?

ASE Certified Mechanic and Owner/Operator Auto Repair Service, Platsmouth, NE

?Wow, you guys have overcome the governor on fuel consumption with your electronics. Brilliant!?

Mechanic, Harrisburg, PA

?Everyone should see this, and it will benefit everyone.?

ASE Master Certified Technician, Clear Spring, MD

?I believe in this Hydro Assist Fuel Cell. It does work.?

Automotive Technician, Newark, OH

?My excitement level has hit the roof on this technology.?

30 year experienced Mechanic, Seattle, WA

?It?s wonderful to be part of the solution for the environment.?

#1 Grand Master Technician, Ontario, Canada

?I doubted the first day, but was convinced when I saw how easy it was to install.?

Service Technician, Hutchinson, KS

?I will be able to tell people that I have eye witnessed and helped install improvements on an F150.?

Mechanic, Defuniak Springs, FL

?You have opened a door with technology that will revolutionize the world. My jaw is still on the floor. You all have done an amazing job.?

Automotive Technician, Wisconsin

Our Academy teaches Master Mechanics from all over the country to go back home and train local installers.

?I literally could not sleep when I got home and had a hard time while I was there. This is so revolutionary, it is beyond words.?

?I was under the impression I knew most of what there was to know about fuel injection and emissions systems. I now know I did not know nearly as much as I thought I did.?

Are you a Mechanic?

If so, you might be interested in the income you can earn by installing and/or tuning the HAFC. Click here to get more details.

Watch The HAFC Video

To watch a video on the HAFC Technology, select from these video formats and resolutions to best fit your needs:

? HAFC - Flash high speed

? HAFC - Flash low speed

? HAFC - Windows Media high speed

? HAFC - Windows Media low speed

Here?s How To Get Started

1. The first step is to order & install the HAFC

When you apply for a free quote our customer service rep will reply with the price to purchase your HAFC System Kit. You can test this kit on your own car - RISK FREE. Here?s the HAFC Guarantee: ?Purchaser may return The HAFC System Kit to the dealer who sold it for a full refund within two weeks of having it tuned by an HAFC Certified Mechanic if our scientific mileage test does not prove an increase in the fuel mileage of at least 50%. The vehicle modified must burn gasoline. (See Installation Manual for full details.)?

The HAFC purchaser is also assured of the option to upgrade the HAFC System to a Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter when it is ready. The best part is that you get to keep all the savings you get from driving with the HAFC while you are waiting for even more of an increase of savings with the PICC upgrade.

2. Second step is to upgrade into a customized PICC

The PICC, working in concert with the HAFC, is the next generation in energy savings. Its revolutionary technology works to break down the gas molecules into even smaller, elemental molecules, turning the fuel into plasma. The real revolution is that it does it before the gas enters your engine so that the gasoline burns super efficiently and cleanly and turns what would be exhaust into power on the road. The exhaust is so negligible it hardly registers, and the savings … well, you can imagine what being able to burn all the gasoline in your engine would do instead of exhausting 70% of it into the air. In scientific laboratory tests, we have seen results up to 9X the gas mileage. The PICC will use the HAFC to pre-condition the fuel and help the PICC turn it into plasma. The PICC is still under development but is expected to be completed and ready for market within a few months. In the meantime, the HAFC is ready to give you savings and prepare the way for the ultimate PICC Revolution. When the PICC quote is ready for your vehicle?s make and model, you will decide whether or not to take the second step. Most likely owners of vehicles with bigger engines will want to upgrade. You may have a smaller (4 cylinder) vehicle that already gets a hundred miles per gallon with the HAFC and feel like it is not worth the extra cost to upgrade to the PICC in order to double that mileage. It will be your option when the PICC quote is ready and you have the facts.


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