2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid front end noise

I have a 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid with 100k miles on it. During the summer (I live in desert) when it is above 80 degrees it creams and makes crunching noise going over bumps at slow speeds. I’ve read grease the sway bar bushings, lower ball joints and the control arms. Has anyone had success with any of these repairs or was it something else?

Seems to be a issue a lot of fusions have.

My 2011 MKZ had a noise like that, solved by replacing the lower control arm. I made the mistake of getting both sides done, the new part on the noise-free side was defective!

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You recall how much that repair ran you? Hate when these repairs aren’t DIY friendly, always cost an arm and a leg lol

I think it would have been something like $400 for one side, but it’s been several years, so that’s more of a guess.

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Disappearing coolant , Air Conditioner problems and front end noise . It sounds like time to have a shop do a complete diagnostic on this vehicle and provide a decent estimate of repair costs . Plus the fact that it might be getting close to a battery replacement .

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This one is my car. The coolant and Ac is the wife car. Lol. With all this extra time w/ quarantine been doing all the maintenance and touch up stuff to keep me occupied.

AC surprisingly hasn’t had any problems for the last 5 days (if anything it’s freezing air, hasn’t gotten warm once???) and coolant levels aren’t dropping any more. Been checking it every day.

I already swapped the battery out on her car. Did voltage drop tests to to make sure the corrosion on the negative side wasn’t impacting performance. After I cleaned the connection.

Never been much of a car guy but now using the time to start building my knowledge. And do repairs/maintenance that I can. Gotta start somewhere.

Super appreciative of everyone’s guidance/advice/etc. all had to start somewhere!

Am I missing something? I watched a few videos on control arms and it seems like a manageable job at home. 1) jack up front end of car 2) remove tires 3) remove a few bolts 4) muscle the new one in (easier said then done) 5) reattached and tighten all bolts 6) tire back on 7) car will need an alignment.

Someone correct me if I’m missing something.

Well I did both control arms today. It did not solve the noise. Where next folks?